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SensorCare Systems – Bed Falls Prevention Systems

  • The monitor consists of two components; a stainless steel pressure sensing panel, located beneath the mattress, and also a control unit, placed in a convenient position for the carer to operate.
  • A change in pressure is identified when the person moves from the bed in any direction. This information is detected by the control unit, which gives an audible and visual alarm.
  • In order to avoid false alarms, the monitors are automatically calibrated to the patient’s weight.
  • The monitor allows the user complete freedom of movement, identifying only those movements which indicate bed vacation.
  • SensorCare Bed Systems can be used with all mattress types, from pressure relieving to air mattresses. These can also be used with all bed types from divan to profiling beds.
  • The battery-powered unit can be moved between differing locations and beds with ease.
  • Multiple bed monitors give system cover reflecting the optimum requirements of a care provider.
  • Each SensorCare System comes with easy to follow instructions. Simply plug the components together and it is ready to operate.Contact Us - Fall Prevention Device for Bed

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Bed Falls Prevention Systems

Beds in hospital and medical facilities are designed with patient care and safety in mind. Comfort is absolutely essential to ensure a safe and quick recovery. SensorCare bed systems are designed to ensure patients can take full advantage of a comfortable hospital bed with complete safety. The moment the patient vacates the bed or comes close to falling, the system will sound an alarm that will alert carers. As a result, the bed falls prevention systems allow for better monitoring of patients, reducing fall instances.

Why Should You Purchase SensorCares Falls Prevention Systems?

Patients often don’t have complete control of their movements and are more prone to accidents. That’s especially true for people under the influence of heavy medication. Therefore, you need to have a system in place that will alert you when the patients actually fall or come close to falling. Fall prevention systems can have a hugely beneficial impact on the health of patients. Research at Queen’s Medical Centre Nottingham showed that the use of SensorCare System reduced hospital stays by 9.8 days for non-fallers.

Our system is easy to install as you only need to fit it under the mattress. The system can be easily controlled by patients so that they can disable the alarm when getting off the bed voluntarily. This unique system is also designed to minimize false alarms. If you want something that’s hassle-free, efficient, and easy to use, you should purchase our SensorCare system for your medical facilities and hospitals.

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