Accessories Dual-Trial

Accessories Available for all SensorCare Systems:

Anti-Microbial covers

In order to reduce the risk of cross infection, all bed and chair panels are now encased in a poly-urethane cover which have been impregnated with an anti-microbial treatment. SensorCare will also cover existing sensors on request. Please contact us for prices.

Additional pagers

Additional pagers are also available to enable the duty of monitoring to be shared by more than one individual. They are also available in order to provide spares in case of loss or damage.

Protective covers

Protective covers are supplied with pagers. These covers aim to prevent any damage to the screen, as well as the pager itself. They have the ability to clip on the carers clothes for added convenience.

Storage bags

Designed specifically to store SensorCare equipment, this hard wearing, canvas bag also makes SensorCare equipment easily portable.

SensorCare can easily be connected to the current nurse call system in use. Please contact us for more details

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