Fall Sensors For The Elderly

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Fall Sensors

Nurses and carers must make sure that their patients aren’t injured during the recovery process; but that’s not always as easy as it sounds. It’s not possible to monitor elderly patients 24/7, especially during the night. Unfortunately, this is usually the time the elderly are most likely to get hurt. SensorCares Falls Prevention systems can help prevent injury.

Fall Sensors For The Elderly

SensorCare products are designed with the elderly in mind and help ensure that the patients don’t accidentally injure themselves. The company provides several fall sensors to enhance patient safety and these include:

Bed Falls Prevention System

This is a two-component system which includes a stainless steel pressure-sensor panel and a connected control unit. You can place the panel under the patient’s mattress and it will automatically calibrate to the patient’s weight. When the patient moves dangerously close to the edges and the pressure shifts, the system will immediately sound an audio and visual alarm to alert the caretaker. The patient can move about freely in bed as the system will only sound the alarm when the patient attempts to vacate.

sensorcare bed system for elderly

The bed system is designed to work with all kinds of mattresses, including air mattresses, pressure-relief mattresses, divan beds, and profiling beds. This system is easy to install and operate. You simply plug all the components together and place the fall sensors under the mattress.

Chair Falls Prevention System

The chair system is similar to the bed system as it also consists of an stainless steel pressure-sensing panel & a control unit. The system will sense the changes in pressure immediately and alert the carer/nurse through audible and visual alarms. This system works with all kinds of chair cushions.

The system needs to be subjected to some pressure to work. The chair system is very responsive so you’ll know immediately when the patient tries to move off the chair, and can assist them. It’s also very easy to install and operate. You simply plug all components together and place the fall sensor panel underneath the seat cushion.

sensorcare mats for elderly


SensorCare also supplies dual systems, paging systems, and related accessories. These systems will increase patient safety and give caretakers some freedom to move around. Both systems have proven their efficiency in real-life circumstances and have prevented many falls and injuries. With SensorCares help, your patient can retain their dignity and still receive help, when they need it.

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SensorCare offers a FREE 14 day trial so users can see that the quality of the system is one of the best on the market. If you have any questions about our products or want to know more about SensorCare, just give us a call on 0845 863 9570 or contact us through this form. We’ll be happy to help.