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SensorCare Systems is the leading manufacturer in falls prevention equipment in the United Kingdom.

Formed in 1995, SensorCare Systems manufacture and distribute spontaneous communication equipment. This equipment is used to assist the care of high-risk individuals in hospitals, community services, nursing homes and home care.

The clinical and economic benefits of protecting those at risk, whilst encouraging their mobility and retained independence, has benefited ‘targeted care’ for all areas of health and social care provision. The key market philosophy is the flexibility of the system to give ethical, cost effective support as and when required.

In April 2004, TP Matrix Ltd acquired SensorCare Systems. TP Matrix is a company which specialises in Electronics Design, Manufacture and Service based in Greater Manchester.

Bringing the two companies together has increased their capability to provide reliable, specialised Electronic Equipment to the healthcare industry. This has been provided whilst maintaining a professional and caring approach.

The SensorCare Systems are being continuously developed to improve its effectiveness, ease of use and durability.

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