Chair Fall Alarm

SensorCare Systems – Chair Falls Prevention System

  • The chair falls prevention system consists of two components; a stainless steel pressure sensing panel, located beneath the chair cushion and a control unit, placed in a convenient position for the carer to operate.
  • A change in pressure is identified as the person moves from their chair. This information is detected by the control unit, which results in an audible and visual alarm.
  • The sensor calibrates automatically to the person’s weight therefore will not need adjusting.
  • The monitor allows the user complete freedom of movement, identifying only those movements which indicate chair vacation. Therefore, false alarms are minimal.
  • SensorCare Chair systems can be used with all cushion types, from pressure relieving to air cushions, as well as all chair types including wheelchairs.
  • The battery-powered unit can be moved between differing locations and chairs with ease.
  • Each SensorCare System comes with easy to follow instructions. Simply plug the components together and then it is ready to operate.


SensorCare systems are an unobtrusive falls prevention system which have been clinically proven to assist in the reduction of falls. The system allows patients to retain dignity and also allows carers to increase independence. These, along with giving the patients families peace of mind that their loved ones are under caring hands, are just some reasons to find out more about SensorCare

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