SensorCare – Falls Prevention Paging Systems

The SensorCare falls prevention paging systems can be used in conjunction with the SensorCare System to notify nurses with a fall alarm when a bed or chair is being vacated.

This is ideal in situations where the carer requires further independence or to avoid disturbance of other patients, especially at night.

The paging system includes:

  • A base station which sends a signal to a pager when a patient has mobilised.
  • A clip and strap is provided for protection and allows carers to attach pager onto clothing.
  • Can monitor up to 8 patients at once
  • Enables you to mute the control unit – to avoid disturbing other patients
  • Time and date stamps of alarms for your records
  • Customers can purchase additional pagers to cover a number of carers and to keep as spares in the event of loss or damage.

Fall Alarm


Multiple zone paging systems monitors multiple beds and chairs simultaneously. A signal is sent to the pagers to inform the carer which bed or chair is being vacated. Research at Queen’s Medical Centre Nottingham showed that the use of SensorCare Systems increased the satisfaction of both staff and the patients families. This is due to the increased level of security and reduction in incidents.

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