Dual Fall Prevention Systems

SensorCare – Dual Falls Prevention Systems

The dual falls prevention systems consists of three components; a stainless steel pressure sensing chair panel, a pressure sensing bed panel and a control unit. The dual system allows you to monitor the patient’s movement between their bed and chair. Consequently, providing optimal security for the patient. This is an extremely efficient system to implement when it comes to elderly fall prevention. The bed panel is placed underneath the patient’s mattress without affecting the comfort of the bed. The chair panel is then placed underneath a chair cushion (a separate cushion may be required depending on the chair frame).

Both panels connect to the control unit which will then trigger an audio alarm when the bed or chair is vacated. If both the bed and chair are occupied the bed sensor will take priority and will override the chair sensor.


Research at Queen’s Medical Centre Nottingham showed that the use of SensorCare Systems reduced the number of falls by 54%. Every product, which is designed and manufactured by SensorCare, is subject to rigorous quality inspections. As a result, you can be assured of quality of the build.
SensorCare is the leading manufacturer of falls prevention equipment in the United Kingdom, working with a wide range of medical & clinical professional organisations to facilitate high quality care. Our goal is to help improve elderly fall prevention systems & to keep patients safe.Elderly Fall Prevention

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